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How to use texture in printed designs

In this digital age it is perhaps surprising that business cards are still a commonly used (and highly effective) print marketing tool. Despite the existence of powerful digital networking resources such as LinkedIn, the business card survives. This is perhaps because of their simple, succinct and yet personal nature – an innate ability to start conversations. However, with figures suggesting that people throw away around 88% of business cards less than a week after they have received them, improved print design could help your business to make a striking first impression.


Despite their common usage, many professionals fail to take full advantage of the business card design options that are open to them. Bland, standardised print designs will not earn your business custom, even if your products or services are second to none. Mediocrity does not sell. Are your business cards and marketing materials in need of a facelift? Read on to find out how adding texture to your designs could be a great way of making them stand out from the crowd.



Business cards made from textured paper have the benefit of being tactile. Imagine handing someone a business card made from thick, heavily textured paper. Their immediate reaction is probably going to be to feel the texture with their thumb. Even if they are not interested in your services at first, they still have a reason to hold on to your card for a little longer. That texture they’ve enjoyed caressing may well have earned you business.


Adding textured design elements is a sure-fire method to ensure your business card is conspicuous. A business card that boasts embossed words or foil stamped lettering can look impressive and elegant, even if the rest of the card is of a simple design. If simplicity is not your thing then you could even pair textured design with bold colour or an unusual card shape, or all three design elements at once. There are a great many options that can be explored.


At PMG Print Management, our design team is here to work tirelessly towards creating a suitable business card for your company that is unique, bold and eye-catching. Whilst we will work in close partnership with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the design, we also suggest amendments such as paper size, colour choice and finish to ensure the best possible print.

Our services do not end there, however. We can offer your business our thorough print inspection, in which we give each of your print management processes a complete overhaul. From inside print jobs such as branded stationery, pay slips and other paperwork to outside print including brochures, leaflets and packaging, we can take full responsibility for their design, production and delivery in order to save you time and money. Contact us to arrange a free print inspection.

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