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The print inspection: identifying your company’s print needs

Many companies have simply accepted that print is both expensive and time-consuming. They might assume that it’s not worth bothering with, and will try to print as little as possible. If that sounds familiar, you might be interested to learn more about print management. Print management companies like us help you overhaul your approach to print from the design stage to distribution. Before we can help you achieve these efficiency savings and breathe new life into your company’s print plans, we need to understand your print needs and the print problems you’re experiencing. That’s why we’ll carry out a free print inspection of your company’s approach to print.


Every company is different

At the print inspection, one of print experts will examine all of your printed materials and ask you plenty of questions about how you print items, and what they’re used for. It’s important for us to have a complete understanding of how your brand uses print, or else we won’t be able to make any specific recommendations. Every company manages and uses print differently, so we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to print management. A free print inspection gives us the chance to learn about your print needs, and gives you the opportunity to see how we operate.


A fresh pair of eyes

When you’re used to working with your company’s print system and the established method of managing print, it can be a struggle to identify where the real print problems lie. You might be frustrated that the office printer is continually running out of paper, but there are multiple solutions to this problem that go beyond simply buying more stock. You may benefit from outsourcing certain print processes, or creating a centralised system where printed material is distributed from your HQ or direct from the printers’. As print management experts, we’re able to act as a fresh pair of eyes to help you identify holistic and ambitious solutions to your print woes.


All in the detail

You may have some idea about your print requirements, problems and future needs, but details may be trickier to pin down. At the print inspection, we’ll ask more questions about all of these aspects of print, and add some detail to any vague predictions and plans you may have. This helps you envisage exactly what’s required in terms of print for your next marketing campaign, product launch or new office opening.


The numbers

Once we’ve completed the print inspection, we’ll get back to you with the figures you’re after: how much you can save on print. For some companies, this may amount to tens of thousands of pounds, but for small companies it’s likely to be a more modest sum. We’ll detail some of the steps that can be taken to help you achieve these savings – by revamping the design of your leaflets or catalogues, for example. Bigger changes to your print status quo are likely to achieve bigger savings.

Determining the obstacles to affordable print is a challenge for many marketing departments, as there simply isn’t the time or budget to assess all aspects of print in a thorough manner – nor to produce a plan of action for implementing the changes required. A free print inspection identifies these barriers for you at no cost to your business. We’re a print management company based in Leeds and we work with clients across the UK to help cut print costs and help them view print as an opportunity and not a burden. Book your free print inspection today.

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