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PMG's Journey

On a journey which has lasted over 30 years, PMG is still travelling along many exciting print paths, in an ever changing and evolving print landscape…

Over the last 30 years, PMG we have trodden many print paths and visited many exciting destinations, which we believe makes us the best print companion to our clients.


We have designed, artworked, pre-flighted, printed and delivered countless products over the years, which has helped us hone our clever print management approach. This long history in all things print (which amounts to a collective team experience of over 150 years) gives us the qualified knowledge to call upon every day when advising clients on the best print journeys.


Experience has also taught us that every print project can be different, with new destinations to be visited. That’s why we treat each project with fresh eyes, as you never know where each new path may lead. Some may take you along familiar routes to destinations visited many times, whilst others can take you on a path of discovery to new worlds.


At PMG print is our passion, which is why we believe it’s not just the destination, but also the journey you take to get there which is important. We take the time to ask our clients questions they never thought to ask, ensuring that they are getting what they need, which is often not what they may have thought they wanted.


PMG’s journey has no fixed destination. We enjoy exploring the new paths ahead in a glorious, ever changing world of print. Passing through valleys and gorges, climbing over hills and mountains, the future is exciting and unknown. Let’s explore all the new exciting places together…

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