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Introducing Team PMG

With a combined collective print experience of over 150 years, the PMG team are on hand to advise and guide you through all aspects of your clever print journey.

Whether it’s costing up your new project, creating your exciting designs or simply talking you through a few options, our team will plot the perfect course and keep things on track for you. Trust us, if its print based we’ve been there, done that and even printed the T-shirts!


Each member of our team has many years experience in print and design, making them excellent print journey guides. All of them love nothing more than having a natter and discussing where the next print destination might be.


So whether its a question about design, printed formats or sustainable paper options, don’t be shy, get in touch with one of our print gurus and let’s have a chat.

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Meet your clever print journey guides

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Get in touch with the PMG team today!

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