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Creative Adventures

The best adventures always begin with a vision of where you want to go.

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Your passport to a land of creative adventure…

PMG’s in-house design studio is your passport to a land of creative adventure. With over 30 years of design and artworking knowledge, our studio guides are fully equipped with all the imagination and innovation needed to put your brand on the map.

Starting with your vision, objectives and brand guidelines, PMG’s talented design companions will map out your creative adventure, bringing technical precision and visual consistency along for the journey. From drawing board to final proof, we’ll ensure everything goes without a hitch.

If you’d prefer to supply your own artwork files, that’s not a problem either. Our studio team can carry out some vital pre-flight checks to make sure everything is print-ready. Catching any unexpected issues before they turn into unwanted delays.

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Things to remember when planning a new creative adventure

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    Collect lots of images of things that you like if you are starting from scratch wth design.

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    Keep in mind yand share your brand guidelines if you have them

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Frequently asked creative adventure questions...

  • Do I have to have the PMG Studio design all my items?

  • Will PMG give me a briefing form to complete?

  • I have a basic idea, but will PMG work with me to create the most impactful design?

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