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A beginner’s guide to Royal Mail Marketreach

Direct mail marketing is one of the older marketing techniques on the scene, but it remains a successful way of reaching out to your customers. Flyers, catalogues and other mailers help to improve brand awareness and boost brand loyalty, introducing new customers to your products and services and reminding repeat customers what you have to offer. However, direct mail marketing can be expensive, and response rates are often on the low side. Could Royal Mail Marketreach help to make your direct mail marketing efforts more effective in future?

What is Royal Mail Marketreach?

Royal Mail Marketreach is a service geared towards helping businesses like yours get the most out of direct mail marketing. Royal Mail believes in the power of one-to-one communication via direct mail, and the organisation has worked to provide insights and research it believes can superpower your print marketing efforts. ‘Think of us as the direct mail experts within your wider marketing team’, says the Marketreach introductory video.

How can Marketreach help your direct mail marketing efforts?

Marketreach combines a variety of crucial print elements to deliver effective direct mail marketing. Royal Mail believes in partnering with businesses such as your own to better understand their needs, before helping to plan and implement an impactful direct marketing campaign. Marketreach can help you to devise a marketing strategy, design attractive print marketing materials, manufacture them and of course deliver them to the appropriate recipients. It’s an approach to direct mail marketing that delivers results – a campaign for Monarch Airlines helped to increase average customer spend by 21.7%.

What are your options?

Schemes such as Royal Mail Marketreach can help you to make the most of your company’s direct mail marketing efforts, but here at PMG Print Management we like to take a holistic approach to print. When we take on a new client we carry out a print inspection to determine the strength og their existing relationship with print – which areas are working well, and which are in need of improvement? We see every business as a unique challenge, and as such make different suggestions based on their unique circumstances. We might suggest that you explore options including Royal Mail’s Marketreach service, or we might decide that you’d be better off partnering with our design studio and tapping in to our comprehensive network of print suppliers.

We understand print and can help you to enjoy more effective print marketing campaigns, while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and minimising expense. To find out more about how our print management services can improve your relationship with print, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

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