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The business benefits of print management: short-term and long-term

We’re a Leeds-based print management company that’s helped hundreds of businesses both local and not-so-local make huge savings on their annual print bills – often running to five figures. Many of our clients are astonished at the cashable print savings we’ve helped them to find, simply by altering the design of their print projects and finding printing companies who can fulfil their requirements at a lower price. These immediate benefits are obviously of huge importance to businesses, but that isn’t where the savings end. If you stick with us, we’ll be able to deliver numerous long-term benefits of print management too. Before we take a look at the ways in which we can do this, let’s revisit the short-term benefits of print management.


Immediate benefits

A clever print management company gives you immediate results as soon as you start working with them. After a thorough print inspection, our experts will be able to identify areas where savings can be made. Some will be achieved through a change in printing company, consolidation of deliveries, or changes in print runs. More drastic alterations including design changes and reductions in paper size will yield more cashable savings for your company. Aside from the monetary savings, you’ll also benefit from having less waste to deal with, fewer deliveries to process, and a lower environmental footprint.


Long-term benefits

Once you’ve achieved these initial savings, what incentive is there to stay with us? Here’s a quick list of what you’ll benefit from if you stick with PMG for years to come…

  • More print savings. You’ll obviously continue to see your initial print savings continue each year, but on top of that, you’ll benefit from any additional savings that PMG are able to identify and pass on to you. We’ll continue to recommend where further savings can be made, and, as new print technologies emerge, we’ll help you navigate the changing market so that your print bill remains as low as possible over time.

  • Time. You won’t need to spend time worrying about how to reduce your print spend – we’ll do all of that for you. By offloading this chunk of budget management your marketing team can spend the extra time managing more pressing matters.

  • Storage. Many of the costs of print are wasted because the printed documents become obsolescent before they are used. The longer we work with you, the closer we’ll be able to anticipate and match your print needs. We’ll ensure that you won’t be left with stacks of old unwanted forms, posters and brochures left in your cupboard.

  • Business opportunities. Through your print management company, you might even gain new clients. We have good working relationships with our clients, and amongst them, you might make some rewarding business deals. Through us you can expand your corporate network to gain new sales leads and hires.


Print management is an investment that really pays off. We’ll adapt our management methods to changing markets, technologies and your requirements, ensuring that you never have to pay a penny more than you need to on your print bill. Speak to a member of our team to get started.


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