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A look back at the best print ads of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

If you haven’t yet heard, it’s almost World Cup time! This year it’s being hosted in Brazil and we’re already enjoying the fantastic print advertising campaigns from well-known companies such as Visa and Hyundai, and we can’t wait to see how they all escalate as the World Cup competition draws nearer. A successful World Cup marketing campaign has the ability to reach a target audience of millions, as ads are usually shared globally amongst countless global spectators. The last World Cup in 2010 saw some incredible print advertising campaigns, and as we take a look back at the best of them we wonder how they can be beaten this year…


Dutch Football Federation

At PMG Print Management we like to think outside the box and get our creative juices flowing, which is clearly what the Dutch Football Federation did in 2010. Rather than cause a stir by creating eye-catching posters or awesome adverts, they printed their mark on T-shirts. At first glance the T-shirts seem to mirror the Dutch national team’s football strip, printed in their signature orange with the team logo stitched in black, but as soon as a fan celebrates a goal in the timeless manner of pulling the shirt over their head, the real selling point is shown. Printed inside of the shirt were the faces of famous Dutch footballers captured in the act of celebrating their own career highs, helping to turn each fan into a Dutch legend in their own right. Smart move!


EA Sports

It’s hardly surprising when EA Sports pull out all the stops for a football campaign, given that one of their best selling games is the FIFA franchise. When they introduced their print campaign for the 2010 World Cup they knew exactly how to pull on the patriotic heartstrings of their fans, showing fans going wild in the crowd and splashing their team colours all over each other as if it were paint – it’s enough to make you want to take to the pitch immediately! Their tagline read: ‘Make the world wear your colours,’ and was a successful bud to encourage fans to support their country (and also play the South Africa FIFA World Cup game…)



In 2010 there was no such thing as a 3D printer, but 3D films and posters were growing in popularity – although few found creating 3D ad campaigns worth the hassle. IMAX, however, did. Despite the fact they weren’t advertising a 3D television at the time, their posters featured a football player diving for a ball that appeared to be coming out of the screen. The tagline told people to ‘think bigger than any screen’, which wasn’t the most imaginative text, but the way in which they chose to place their prints was. Wanting to demonstrate the sheer size of their screens, they chose places that would allow them to place the biggest posters possible. The ads were seen taking up entire sides of lorries, across large airport walls and on billboards. You certainly couldn’t miss them!

If you want to make a mark in the industry with an innovative print marketing campaign, the team at PMG can help. Our design team have a wealth of experience to share with you and our marketing experts will know just how to approach your project. We’ll even ensure that you choose the most cost-effective print techniques, so you can save money wherever possible. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your project in further detail!

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