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Branding is your product: the importance of packaging

You might buy certain products because they are made by the brands you are most accustomed to, but why did you choose to use that brand in the first place? Most likely it was the packaging that attracted you to the brand – how else did it stand out amongst others on the shelf? A product that boasts unique, innovative and eye-catching packaging is far more likely to gain a customer’s attention at the point-of-sale, which is why so many companies invest a great deal of their budgets into adding outstanding print to their products. Without a distinctive print design helping your product to stand out in what can be a highly competitive environment, it could well be ignored. Let’s investigate in detail the importance of packaging to your sales figures…



Combining art with marketing is becoming increasingly popular as it becomes clearer just how important it is to ensure products are aesthetically appealing to customers. If you want your products to fly off the shelves, you’ll have to seek the help of a print management company that has experience in both expert design and marketing, such as PMG. We’ll do extensive research into your company to figure out what colour schemes and designs will best reflect your brand and the type of product packaging that is likely to most appeal to your customers.



Of course, while it’s all well and good getting creative with the package design, one must ensure that the packaging still fulfils its primary purpose. It needs to be able to protect the product from any kind of damage, but also provide easy access for the customer. Customer can quickly grow tired of products that are difficult to get into, so it is important that your packaging is both attractive and functional. You must consider what type of packaging would be best for your product.



The packaging should not only promote the product but the brand, too, which is why we spend so much time carrying out our print inspection and learning the ins and outs of your company. We want to be able to create packaging that could have only come from one brand and one brand only – yours. While the product information should take centre stage, it should still be clear that the product has been produced by your brand, whether that involves using particular colours, fonts or brand slogans.



While your product might stand out on the shelf, it also needs to look good enough to purchase. When designing your packaging, you need to consider who you are trying to appeal to. Creating packing to stand out and creating packaging that will make customers feel unable to leave without buying the product are two very different things. For example, if you’re trying to make the product appear sexy and attract the attention of adults, you would use completely different colours, fonts and styles than if you were appealing to children.

At PMG, we are experts in clever print management and are dedicated to ensuring we create outstanding print for each and every one of our clients. Our methods and fantastic team of hardworking professionals enable us to go that one step further and exceed your expectations, advising you on where and how to cut costs and make improvements to your print. If you’re interested in teaming up with us to create packaging for your brand’s products, contact the team today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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