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20 U.S. companies ditch anti-paper, pro digital stance

The myth that digital technologies and e-services are more eco-conscious and environmentally sound than paper products has been dispelled further, with 20 leading U.S. companies redressing their green policies.


The 20 firms – the majority of which are Fortune 500 organisations – have softened a stance described as ‘anti-paper’ in favour of a more modern, responsible approach to environmental marketing. The companies are the latest in a long line of businesses who have come to realise that print marketing can be a sustainable and effective means of reaching out to customers – as long as it’s paired with clever print management.


There are numerous reasons for this sudden about-face in policy, as increased awareness and education regarding the renewable, sustainable properties of paper are helping businesses make more informed decisions regarding their marketing activities.


Paper comes from a sustainable resource, and if managed correctly, its negative impact on the environment is minimal. Furthermore, digital products such as mobile devices or interactive billboards are made from non-renewable, non-sustainable materials, such as petrochemicals. The full environmental implications of interactive technologies are only now being fully understood.


Even paperless accounting and financial management cannot exist entirely without resource depletion, with many individuals and companies choosing to print out physical receipts and statements to retain in their own records.

Here at PMG Print Management, we source our paper from an area of European forest that is actually increasing in size year-on-year – rubber-stamping our sustainable credentials. To find out more about how we can help your business manage sustainable print projects in future, contact us today.

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