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Direct mail print marketing firm utilises the power of smell

As we’re sure many would agree, direct mail print marketing is a great way of communicating with your customers and encouraging brand loyalty. However, with the average homeowner or business receiving dozens of advertising circulars and leaflets every week, it’s important to do something different in order to stand out.


One company, Nova Direct, claims to have the answer to your direct mail needs. Why communicate with your customers through text and visuals alone, they ask, when you could appeal to their sense of smell too?


Nova Direct’s ‘Smellymail’ concept takes print marketing to a new sensory level, using evocative scents in order to encourage the customer to engage with a brand’s print campaign.


Scented ‘microspheres’ help to keep your direct mail smelling sweet, although the customers must first scratch a scent-holding panel in order to release the evocative aromas. Using Smellymail, marketers can employ a variety of scents in order to make their products and services seem more attractive.


We can’t help but think that Smellymail seems a little gimmicky however, and that if your print marketing campaign isn’t selling your products effectively, a little scratch-n-sniff patch is unlikely to make all the difference. Instead, you ought to be looking at alternative designs, how it is sent out to your audience and the costs of production compared to their likely returns .


Our print management services will ensure that your print marketing campaigns are as cost-effective and visually appealing as possible, helping you to reach out to your customers without recourse to unnecessary expenditure.

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