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Does fulfilment keep you awake at night?

“We need one of those, two of those, and one of those other widgets. Where have they gone?! They were here yesterday…” Picking and packing is a complicated business with multiple moving parts and a seriously high chance of things going wrong.


Then there’s the need for a load of space to store the items – whether that’s promotional pens, notebooks, umbrellas or keyrings. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try, the storeroom will always end up looking like a dog’s been digging through the shelves, with little regard to the labels showing where things live that you so carefully created and applied.


And who’s keeping an eye on the stock levels? Are you certain you’re not going to run out of that critical brochure you’re about to send to a load of prospects? (Or is the only way of knowing counting them by hand?) Do you even know if you’re getting a good deal on the production of all of those items?


With all of these elements so easily added to the list of what keeps you awake at night, wouldn’t you like an easy solution?


We don’t only print on paper


Here on the PMG Clever Blog we talk a lot about printing on paper – whether that’s direct mail to send to customers or prospects, desk calendars (if you’ve not ordered yours for 2020 yet you’re a bit late!) or that shiny new brochure you’ve just commissioned.


What we don’t talk about as much is that we can manage printing on to just about anything – it doesn’t have to be paper. Promotional items, point of sale, floor stickers, t-shirts – we can provide you with the best options for printing any of these.


And you may also not have heard us shout about the fact that we also manage fulfilment for many of our clients.


M is for management


If you count boxes on shelves in a storeroom instead of sheep when trying to drift off, you need a better way to deal with your picking and packing needs! Let us help you out with that.


You maybe don’t know that the M in PMG stands for management – which is the bit of magic that makes fulfilment work. The problem with trying to do fulfilment yourself is in managing multiple relationships with the different suppliers of your items and with the courier you’ll need to send the stuff. If just one element goes wrong it knocks on to everything else and with so many cogs in the engine, who’s to say whose fault it is when the wheel comes off?


That’s why using a print management company can make your life so much easier. You have one relationship and one company is responsible for making sure everything works. You don’t need a dusty storeroom or warehouse to store everything. And you don’t need to spend hours looking for the keyrings you’re sure were right there on that shelf yesterday. You save a huge amount of time and you get to deal with our friendly team who will magically make it all happen for you – what’s not to like?


Our warehouse is right next to our office and we have a team dedicated to picking and packing all sorts – from one notebook and a pen to send to a prospect, to large and complex combinations of products sent all over the country for a charity client. We even have a stock of electrical components which we make up into sample packs for our client’s sales reps. There’s no end to what we can store and then send out to your specification.


Whether you need a large order sending out regularly, a few small bits sending on an ad hoc basis, or one large order fulfilling just once a year (as one of our clients who work with new university students do) we can handle that for you.


So the next time you’re wondering whether you have enough brochures, or if you’re getting a good deal on the key rings you need, give us a call and we can not only look after the printing, but the stock levels, picking, packing and posting too!

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