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Eight reasons to consider print brochures for your next marketing campaign

Print’s heyday is far from over. A good print designcan attract consumers that digital cannot reach, while effective print managementcan help to ensure that your print products are more affordable and more economical than you may expect. 

There’s significant evidence to suggest that customers prefer buying from brochures to shopping online, so will you consider print brochures for your next major marketing campaign? Here are eight compelling reasons why you should…

1) Longevity – Digital marketing has a brief shelf life. It’s unlikely that any of your prospective clients and customers will remember your digital marketing efforts long after they’ve seen them. A well-made, well-designed brochure, on the other hand, could stay on your client’s coffee table or in their magazine rack for months.

2) Exclusivity – Some companies believe that print is significantly more expensive than digital. While this isn’t necessarily the case, it has helped to make brochures a marketing option reserved to some of the more exclusive brands on the market. If you want your customers to associate your brand with exclusivity, a glossily produced brochure will certainly help to cement this idea.

3) Customer preferences – Customers shopping in a number of different sectors simply prefer to receive print marketing materials rather than their online alternatives. A recent studyrevealed that 42% of Australian consumers would prefer to receive brand communications via mail, as opposed to just 22% who preferred to be communicated with online.

4) Personalisation – There are practically endless personalisation options you can apply to a brochure, allowing your brand to be original and creative in a way that digital marketing simply doesn’t permit. Brochures can help your brand to stand out and can increase awareness amongst potential customers. 

5) Trust – There’s a psychological reason that brochures make more effective marketing materials than their digital equivalents. Consumers tend to trust direct mail more – another survey revealed that 46% of young consumers felt that direct mail made them feel more valued than social media or email communications.

6) Branding – Branding is an important marketing tactic for businesses big and small. A consistent branding strategy can help to improve brand awareness and brand loyalty amongst potential clients and customers. Your branding should extend to your print marketing materials, too – that includes your print brochures.

7) Customer demographics – Certain customer demographics expect communications from their favourite companies to come via post. Customers looking to invest in a new car, a new kitchen or even certain premium consumer appliances (among other sectors) would prefer to shop from a brochure than from an online retailer.

8) Sustainability – Digital is seen as the more sustainable alternative to print, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The mobile devices we use to view digital content are made from plastics and heavy metals that can prove potentially damaging to the environment, and of course the electrical energy we use to power such devices can invariably be traced back to fossil fuel power stations. Digital has a more profound impact on the environment than many people expect. Print, meanwhile, can be far more ecologically sound than you may realise. Here at PMG, for example, we source 98% of our paper from an area of sustainable European forest that is actually increasing in size by a significant proportion every year. 

Here at PMG, our expert design studiocan help you to unlock the potential of print marketing. If you’d like to make your brochures, posters and leaflets more impactful and cost-effective this year, contact ustoday.

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