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Our favourite print ads of 2014 so far

With Coca-Cola planning an aggressive print advertisement campaign this year and many other large brands following suit, 2014 is set to be a fantastic year for print. Already this year we have seen some outstanding print ads that are the perfect examples of the lengths those in both the marketing and print industries are willing to go to create effective, memorable, clever print adverts. In just the few short months since the beginning of the year we’ve been able to gain a good idea of the direction print is likely to take this year and the trends it will be following. It would seem artistic ingenuity and the innovative yet effective communication of brand messages is the main focus for 2014, with print ads more beautiful and meaningful than ever before. Take a look at our favourite print ads of the year so far…



We are dedicated fans of the Lego print ads here at PMG, at they are often simple yet extremely effective, usually consisting of one piece of Lego with a very detailed shadow. However, this year French agency Grey Paris played on Lego’s slogan ‘creativity forgives everything’ and created a far more intricate image that included one boy on another’s shoulders, building a Lego igloo in the freezer. The freezer wide open and ice and water dripping everywhere, the scene is usually every parent’s worst nightmare, but as Lego insists, creativity really does forgive everything, as the children look well and truly caught out in the middle of positioning their Lego men in the freezer.


Kitchen Aid

One of the most expensive kitchen tools around, the guys behind the Kitchen Aid blender print ad were more than willing to have a little fun with their advertisements. Highlighting just how good a blender Kitchen Aid have created, they designed a series of images morphing one fruit into another. In one advert you see a strawberry shaped like a banana – or a banana strawberry. The image is striking because it is so unusual and plays tricks on your mind – you have to think twice about what you are seeing – and the colours are vivid so that your attention is immediately drawn to the obscure fruit in the centre of the page. Despite its odd appearance, it still looks good enough to eat!



Whilst we love colour, art and detailed designs, we also appreciate and marvel at extremely clever print ads, too. Take LG’s latest print ad for it’s new super slim Oled-TV. Just 4mm thick and officially the world’s slimmest television, it seemed only right that they create the world’s thinnest print ad too. Rather than request a double page spread to advertise their latest creation, LG asked that their advertisement be printed along the spine of a magazine, to reflect just how slim their new television really is. Along the spine of popular Nordic magazine Sound and Vision, the advert simply highlights the width of the spine at 4mm and reads: ‘Introducing the world’s slimmest Oled-TV.’ Innovative stuff from LG!


Here at PMG print management is our passion, which is why we love getting creative and dedicating a great deal of time and effort to each of our print projects. We always take each of our print jobs one step further than our competitors, by offering our creative design input and by making helpful, cost-effective suggestions. If you’ve a print job in mind, whether a fun print ad or a series of brochures that you’d like our help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. We can’t wait for your call!


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