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Five New Year print resolutions

Hands up if you’ve broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Thousands of us will have abandoned our best intentions long before January is over, but the dedicated few will stick it out and become better people for the experience. We’re print management experts, though, and we aren’t interested in your vows to slim down, tone up, kick the cigs or take up a musical instrument. Instead, we want to know whether you’re planning to change your bad print habits for the New Year. Take a look at these five New Year print resolutions – could they help your business develop a better relationship with print over the year ahead?

1) Be bigger, bolder and better

On a personal level, 2016 might be the year when you pledge to be more ambitious. Perhaps you want to travel and see more of the world, gain a promotion at work or start penning the novel you’d always planned to write. Where print is concerned, you should also shoot for the moon and be bigger, bolder and better in 2016. Refine your outside print efforts and produce the most effective print marketing campaigns you’ve worked on to date. Devise more ambitious designs and concepts, broaden your reach to greater numbers of direct mail recipients and don’t compromise on finish or finesse. The design studio at PMG can help make this resolution a reality.

2) Cement those green credentials

With each passing year it becomes more and more apparent that climate change, resource depletion and other environmental issues are our shared responsibility. We have to take these issues seriously – as individuals and on a corporate and governmental level. Use 2016 to cement your company’s green credentials, reducing your carbon footprint and minimising wastage. Commit to sustainable print, switching to digital channels where you can and using your resources in a more responsible way. We’re doing our bit to make print more sustainable too – 94% of the paper we use comes from European forests where the forest cover is actually increasing by an area four times the size of London each year.

3) Bring people closer together

Does your New Year’s resolution involve spending more time with your friends and family, or improving your relationships with your colleagues? Many of the things we’d wish to change about our lives involve improving communication. Some businesses spread the responsibility of print around the office or even across different departments, creating a situation where too many cooks are certain to spoil the broth. Improving communication across all areas of inside print – or even bringing in a single individual to take full responsibility for your business’ print processes – can help to reduce the risk of human error, reduce wastage and improve print effectiveness at a single stroke.

4) No more nail-biting deadlines

We’re all guilty of leaving things to the last minute from time to time. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution involves leaving five minutes earlier for work, or making sure that you aren’t always the last person to arrive at social events. Leaving print projects to the last minute means nail-biting deadlines, mistakes at the printers’ and compromises on the final product. If you’re looking to get your print projects through the door ahead of any deadlines this year, speak to PMG and we’ll be sure to help.

5) Save, save, save

Money features in the resolutions of many Brits. Could this be the year when you finally pay off your overdraft, finish repaying a loan or put some savings aside for a summer holiday? Perhaps your business could benefit from improved money management, too. Print can be expensive, and all that money doesn’t necessarily equal guaranteed success at the end of the day. Use 2016 as a year to chase down any needless print expenses and work on increasing print profitability. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference – we’ve helped our clients save £8,000 by reducing paper size by just 20mm.

Whatever your New Year’s print resolutions for 2016, let PMG help you see them through. We’re dedicated to helping our clients improve their relationship with print – from maximising print profitability to enhancing print marketing effectiveness. Contact us today to find out more.

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