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Five of our favourite pieces of corporate stationery

On their own, the words ‘corporate’ and ‘stationery’ aren’t likely to get too many hearts beating in too many chests. Combined, they can be even more slumber-inducing. Despite how it sounds, corporate stationery is far from boring, however. It’s an opportunity for designers to flex their creative muscles and an opportunity for brands to reach out to potential customers in a meaningful, lasting way. The best corporate stationery is eye-catching, interesting and even beautiful – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Look at our five favourite examples of corporate stationery design and see for yourself.

Hellfire (London-based design studio)

You’d expect a design studio to have strong branding, and London-based agency Hellfire does not disappoint. This agency has drawn on renaissance art and Cristian theology to create an immediately identifiable and visually striking brand. Their corporate stationery is an extension of that brand image, with beautifully-produced journals, notebooks, pens, pencils and even USB sticks in the agency’s matt black and bright orange colour scheme. Employees will want to use corporate stationery that looks this good, as will clients and potential clients. It’s great publicity.

Skylight Farm (Atlanta-based organic fruit and veg producers)

Corporate stationery can be a reflection of a brand’s ethics and values, as is the case with Skylight Farm’s designs. This Atlanta-based organic fruit and veg producer has created some corporate stationery that perfectly captures that rustic, home grown feel. Rough printing and hand lettering provides an approachable, back-to-nature aesthetic that complements the company’s produce. The paper has even been seeded so that customers can plant it when they’re done and grow their own veg at home.

Maderista (Mexico City-based carpentry boutique)

Beautiful, simplistic, classical and unshowy – the words used to describe Maderista’s corporate stationery could just as easily describe the firm’s handmade custom furniture. These business cards and envelopes are lovely objects in and of themselves, which will encourage customers to keep them in their homes for longer and increase the chance of future sales. With the help of stationery like this, customers and other contacts will remember the name Maderista long after they’ve left the shop.

Adam and Eve (New Zealand law firm)

You might be thinking that it’s easy to have a beautiful, memorable brand image if you make designer furniture, grow organic vegetables or practice graphic design for a living. What about more prosaic, run-of-the-mill professions? The New Zealand Law Firm Adam and Eve shows us that any brand can have visually arresting corporate stationery. Take a look at these sumptuous designs. Don’t they just say ‘history’, ‘integrity’, ‘reliability’ and ‘unimpeachable ethics’ to you?

Telemobisie (Polish phone repair company)

Just in case you needed another example of how great branding is truly democratised, take a look at the corporate stationery on offer from Polish phone repair company Telemobisie. This is a great example of how consistent use of brand colours can help to create a strong visual identity, and the designs are just as effective when seen in isolation as they are altogether. It’s also interesting to see how Telemobisie have applied their corporate branding to their internal office stationery and inside print communications.

Corporate stationery is just one area of many where branding finds an outlet through print. We can help you to explore this valuable area. To find out more about our print design and print management services, contact the team at PMG today.

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