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Five print concerns that can affect the cost of your project

It’s important not to let practical concerns affect the ambition of your print project, regardless of the financial implications. Seeing your ambitions come to fruition is what we’re all about here at PMG Print Management, but that doesn’t mean that you should forge right ahead with scant regard for spiralling costs. There are numerous print concerns that can cause the cost of your project to skyrocket, but can these be navigated with no adverse impact on quality? Read on to find out.


Paper size

Most people will realise that paper size has a significant impact on print cost, but we’re here to tell you that the cost differential between paper formats isn’t the only thing you ought to consider. Even the difference of a couple of millimetres here and there could save your business thousands of pounds on the cost of your print project, and we’ll be able to make minute adjustments to save you money without affecting quality. It’s the sort of thing you’d never spot on your own but will be extremely glad we pointed out for you!



Colour printing is expensive, as you’ll be well aware. If your print project is dependent on colour to tell a visual story then you shouldn’t let cost stand in the way, but you’d be surprised at how often a limited colour palette or monochrome design can work with certain projects. Our design studio will help you to work out whether colour is your only option, or whether you could save money by limiting your colours, going monochrome or even black and white.



Different paper finishes can be used to create a different look to your print project, from gloss finishes to metallic foil effects. Inevitably, more ambitious paper finishes will increase the cost of your print project. It’s important to consider whether investing in an expensive finish will make your brochure, packaging design or poster more effective – if so, go right ahead, but if not, it’s better to reconsider for the sake of reduced costs. Remember: it isn’t the cost of your print project that matters, but the value it brings to your company.


Supply chain

One thing that often pushes up the cost of a print project is the supply chain. From where are you sourcing your paper? What about your inks, and the equipment you’re using to produce the finished products? If these resources are coming from different companies, you’re likely paying a premium for shipping expenses, taxes and profits that could be leaving your business out of pocket. If you leave all of your print management needs with a single company, you’ll save money.



Once your print products are finished, it’s time to distribute them to where they’re needed. Whether you’re sending out direct mail marketing materials, distributing flyers or repackaging your company’s products, distribution will represent a significant expense. Is there a way you could save money on the cost of postage or repackaging, or are you missing out on branding opportunities by failing to customise your envelopes? A good print management company will think of all of the possibilities on your behalf.


It’s easy to lose your grasp on your print project and watch as costs spiral ever upwards. Fortunately, all of the cost concerns mentioned above can be circumvented with the help of a strong print management firm such as PMG. If you’re planning print projects of any variety this year, get in touch with our team and we’ll tell you how we can keep costs down and push results through the roof.

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