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Five print gadgets to put on your Christmas list

Millions of pounds have been spent on gifts this Christmas, with the latest must-have items piled high beneath Christmas trees and crammed deep into bulging stockings in homes up and down the country. Being an organised lot, the PMG team finished their Christmas shopping back when the leaves were still green on the trees. We’ve been good boys and girls this year, so here’s hoping that some of these exciting print gadgets are waiting for us on Christmas morning…

The Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen was announced over a year ago, and made headlines worldwide thanks to its incredible technology. The Scribble Pen claims to draw in any colour, using a function similar to a dropper tool to sample real-world colours and mix them within the pen’s barrel. Any print designer would kill for a gadget like this, but it seems as though the Scribble Pen proved too good to be true. At the time of writing, the gadget’s crowdfunding campaign has been axed and all contributions refunded. Our only Christmas wish this year is to make this gadget a reality…

Adobe Creative Cloud

If the Scribble Pen is one to add to the designer’s toolkit sometime in the future, the Adobe Creative Cloud is very much an indispensable tool of the present. The market leader in design software, Adobe’s cloud software packages include Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, as well as countless other desktop and mobile apps capable of making your print campaign ideas a beautiful reality. Business price plans are around £50 per month for the entire suite of apps, so fingers crossed a subscription waits under the tree this year…

LG Pocket Photo Printer

The digital revolution has meant that print has had to change and evolve in all manner of ways, and one thing we truly miss is photo albums filled with colour reproductions of our favourite memories. Physical photos are becoming rarer, even though we take more pictures than ever before with our smartphones and digital cameras. The LG Pocket Photo Printer can change all that, allowing you to print your favourite photos on the go. The printer connects wirelessly with your smartphone or camera, and slips neatly into a pocket for ultimate portability. We’d love one.

Yuneec Typhoon

Are we about to witness the dawn of next-day drone delivery? Amazon and Google have both been working on the logistics of drone delivery, with tentative plans to launch the service in the next couple of years. Imagine using drone technology to distribute your direct mail marketing campaigns! In the meantime, get some pilot’s practice in with the help of the Yuneec Typhoon drone. This sleek, easy to fly drone comes equipped with a 4K video camera capable of capturing stunning aerial footage, so even if you can’t use it to drop your latest catalogue through your customer’s letterbox you can use it to pep up any future marketing campaigns.

CubePro Trio 3D Printer

Print is no longer a 2D medium. 3D printing has become a major player in a number of industries – including design, engineering and medicine – despite still being in its infancy. Office 3D printers are now falling in price, making them affordable prospects for businesses such as your own. Could the CubPro Trio 3D Printer help your future promotional products, business cards and other marketing materials take on an exciting new dimension?

All of these print gadgets are on our Christmas list this year, but only one print service should be on yours. Print management helps to improve your company’s relationship with print, reducing expense, cutting your carbon footprint and boosting print marketing success. Contact us today to find out how.

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