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Five reasons commissioning print is like booking a holiday

We’ve had a treat with the weather recently and that means many of us can’t help but dream about sipping something cold by a pool. (It’s not just us, right?!)


So in the spirit of talking about holidays, but also about our favourite subject, print management, here are five ways that commissioning print is like booking a holiday.


1. You need to trust your provider – you don’t know what you don’t know, so both your print management company and travel agent need to be experts and have your best interests at heart or you’ll end up with the printed equivalent of a room above a noisy club with broken beds and no running water


2. You need an expert to guide you through the myriad of options – much like holidays can be at home or abroad, basic self catering or five-star all inclusive, print can be commissioned to suit your project, budget and your tastes


3. You can be specific or generic in your requests and we can still fulfil the brief – give us a tight specification to deliver against or an idea of what you’re trying to achieve and we can recommend the right options and give you the best prices. It’s much like the difference between naming the exact hotel you want to stay at, or just knowing you want to go somewhere warm with the family in May


4. It’s a saturated market, with lots of companies suggesting they offer the same service – from online printers to large print management companies, it’s tricky to know who to use. PMG’s 25+ years of print buying experience and strong relationships with our suppliers (plus the odd industry award) mean you can be certain we’ll do our best for you


5. The service is end-to-end, from brief to delivery – the equivalent of taking you to the airport to bringing you home again, we can arrange every aspect of the job from design to print and distribution, taking all of that organisation off your hands and using our vast network of suppliers to find you the right product at the right price


And what’s more, using a print management company means you get the equivalent of an ATOL guarantee because if anything goes wrong, we sort it out for you as part of the service, instead of leaving you to deal with the issues alone.


We’re on a holiday-themed roll! Check out Mike’s views on postcards here, or see our 3.5 tips for the perfect summer mailings here.


And if you’re ready for some advice or help with your latest print job, call our friendly team on 01924 284330.


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