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Five reasons to outsource print distribution

Distribution is a cornerstone of print marketing, but for many businesses it’s little more than an afterthought. The final stage in your print marketing journey is as important as any other, and it’s an area where significant savings can be made. If you’re still handling print distribution in house, isn’t it about time you considered outsourcing this vital process? Here are five compelling reasons why you should.

Cost effectiveness

Distribution is more complicated than it seems at first glance – there are countless delivery options to consider, as well as things like envelopes, bubble wrap and the products you need to keep your printed materials safe in transit. It’s all too easy to overspend or to choose the wrong delivery options for your needs when handling distribution in house. Outsourcing distribution through a print management company like PMG will mean you can benefit from our years of experience and detailed industry knowledge. We can look beyond Royal Mail to suggest the most cost-effective delivery options for your specific needs.



Let’s not beat around the bush: distribution can be a real pain. Many of us know the feeling of drawing straws in the office to determine who gets to take the latest batch of mailouts to the local post office. Distribution takes time that you and your colleagues would be better off spending elsewhere. It’s far more convenient to outsource your print distribution needs than attempt to tackle that extra job yourselves.


Time efficiency

Any time that elapses between your final print run and the products getting into the hands of your recipients is time wasted, but delays are par for the course when handling distribution in house. You might have opted for a slower delivery option to save money, or perhaps your leaflets, posters and catalogues are languishing in a corner of the office as you haven’t gotten round to sending them out yet. Outsource your print distribution through a print management company such as PMG and we’ll ensure that you keep to a regular delivery schedule, and can help you to select a delivery method that suits your marketing calendar as well as your budget.


Customer service

The customer or recipient isn’t always at the forefront of businesses’ minds when they consider print distribution. However, good customer service can result in greater open rates and greater response rates from your recipients. It’s important to consider things like presentation, personalisation and punctuality, but it isn’t always possible to do so when handling distribution in house. Let us ensure that your recipients are happy with the marketing materials they receive through the post.


Environmental savings

Print management isn’t just about cost savings, although that is a major benefit. We’re also dedicated to helping our clients reduce their carbon footprints. Distribution is a key area where environmental savings can be made. We want to help you minimise the distance your print marketing materials have to travel, and the same goes for the print supplies you buy. By cutting down on air (or road) miles and sourcing sustainable materials, we can help to make your business more environmentally conscious in future.


Print distribution is just one area in which we can help to improve your company’s relationship with print. Contact us today to find out more.

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