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Five ways print management helps to deliver your print campaigns on time

Deadline – is there a more ominous word in the English language? It even contains the word ‘dead’. Brrr. For many of our clients, print deadlines come ready packaged with a sense of inescapable dread. Deadlines are the cause of stress, panic and confusion, and that’s if they’re met – missing a print deadline is another matter entirely. Delivering print campaigns on time, on budget and on brief is our bread and butter here at PMG, and we take great pleasure in taking the pressure off our clients. Take a look at five ways that print management helps to deliver your print campaigns on time, so you’ll never have to worry about print deadlines again. 


By applying years of industry experience

They say that practice makes perfect, and it’s certainly the case that if you’ve missed a deadline in the past you’ll work extra hard to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We have years of experience in the print sector, so we know exactly how long a project is likely to take – from brainstorming to design through print and distribution. When you’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt, you know how to avoid the most common mistakes and deliver print projects on time.


By sourcing the best suppliers, printers and couriers

A good print management company will have a network of trusted suppliers, printers and couriers, and know which ones are suited to which jobs. Without the help of a print management firm, selecting printers, suppliers and couriers can be a bit of a gamble – finding out that your printer is unreliable at the 11th hour is no-one’s idea of fun. Print management companies will help to connect you with the most reliable and professional outsourced services, ensuring that your deadlines remain firmly in sight.


By organising your print processes

Only the very largest companies have dedicated print departments, so the chances are that print is delegated to a number of different departments and individuals within your organisation. In such a climate it’s no surprise that lines occasionally get crossed and balls occasionally get dropped, while tangled lines of communication mean simple tasks can take weeks. Print management means organising your company’s print processes and ensuring that all channels are as streamlined as possible, saving you time, effort and money.


By carrying out preflight checks

No aircraft leaves the runway without undergoing preflight checks first, and where PMG are concerned no print project reaches the printer before it’s gone through some preflight checks of its own. Preflight checking involves hunting out any compatibility issues, design faults, typographical errors or other common niggles that can ruin an expensive print run and push back deadlines by days or even weeks. No more last-minute mistakes and costly blunders.


By developing winning print designs

To us, print management involves the design stage, too. Our design studio is full of experienced, talented creatives who can help to turn over winning designs in double-quick time, allowing you to hit upon a campaign you like long before the deadline looms. Deciding on a strong design early means there’s more time to prepare for any other eventualities, helping to deliver successful print campaigns on deadline, on budget and on brief.


Here at PMG Print Management we’re dedicated to improving our clients’ relationship with print, and that means making the dreaded deadline seem less ominous in future. To find out more about how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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