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Five ways print management simplifies print

Do you have a love/hate relationship with print? Many businesses do. We all recognise that print marketing is highly effective, and we all appreciate that internal comms occasionally requires the use of physical documents to be successful. Print, however, can be a hassle – with no one person in charge of your company’s print needs wires can get crossed, balls can get dropped and print can begin to seem like the source of countless problems. If print is a problem in your business, print management can alleviate your stresses and make things a whole lot simpler. Here are just five ways we could make a real difference…


1: We manage procurement so you don’t have to

Procurement can be something of a nightmare if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. There are a lot of different print procurement companies to choose from, so which should you opt for? Is it better to procure all of your print supplies from the same supplier, or should you employ the services of a number of different companies? Could you be sacrificing quality in favour of a cheaper price? There’s a lot to consider. If procurement is a headache for your business, print management can help. PMG will take the pressure of procurement off your hands so you don’t have to worry about it.


2: We find you the best bargains

With procurement comes another important consideration: price. Sourcing your annual print supplies is an exercise in value management, with certain companies offering better deals than others but perhaps skimping in areas you may not have expected. Print management is all about analysing your print needs and determining where savings can be made. Cost effective procurement could mean using a number of different suppliers to achieve the greatest bargains, or using a single supplier for all of your print supplies to make use of bulk buy discounts. We have a vast knowledge of print suppliers and know how to find the best deals for our clients.


3: We carry out preflight checks

Preflight checking involves running detailed checks of your outgoing print projects before they’re sent to the printers. Doing so means you’re less likely to encounter technical and compatibility errors, saving you time and money through fewer reprints and less wasted print stock. Print management companies run preflight checks on your print projects to ensure that they’re fit to print, saving you from those last-minute print deadline nightmares.


4: We trim the fat where necessary

Just because we’re a print management company doesn’t mean we’ll be encouraging you to print more than you need – in fact, quite the opposite is true. Sometimes, print processes can be streamlined or even replaced with practical alternatives – saving money and resources over time. When you contact PMG we’ll carry out a print inspection of your business, examining where print processes can be improved and where others may have become redundant.


5: We ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible

Print management isn’t just about saving money and making life easier around the office, however. We’re also dedicated to ensuring that your print marketing campaigns are as effective as possible. Our design studio can help you to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your print marketing campaigns while protecting your budget and working to your deadlines. If print marketing is giving you sleepless nights, print management might just be the stress relief you need.


Print needn’t be stressful or complicated, and with our help it never will be again. Improve your company’s relationship with print by contacting PMG today.

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