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Four advantages of centralising and outsourcing your print

Few companies manage their print as efficiently as possible. Multi-site businesses face an even bigger set of challenges. Centralising your print within your company may solve some of the print problems associated with working over multiple site, but unless you have several print specialists on-board, it’s unlikely that you’re securing the best deals on your company’s hefty print bill. Outsourcing your print to another party provides you with a centralised print solution and also secures you a great deal. If you’ve already centralised your company’s print system, you’ve taken a huge step towards print efficiency, but could outside help and print management take you one step further?


#1 Reduction of staff time

If members of staff have to spend their working hours managing and processing print jobs, they’re using their time inefficiently. A print management company deals with all aspects of printing for you. A representative of the print management company will be the single point of contact for all your print needs. This individual should have a complete understanding of your company’s print needs, and won’t need to be rebriefed each time you have a new print job for them to manage. Staff untrained in print won’t have to spend hours trying to work out how to get the system to print in colour or double-sided – the print management company deal with this for you.


#2 Improve print quality

Even if all your office’s printing needs are routed through a central system, they’ll still be printed out on the same old office multifunction printer. For higher quality print runs, you’ll need to speak to a print supplier who has access to top-notch print technology

By working with a print management company, you’ll be able to secure great deals on print runs that make use of the newest print technologies. If you only choose to contact print suppliers for one-off print runs, you’ll have to shop around to find the best deal – and even then, it’ll be higher than if you’d have used that same supplier through a print management company.


#3 Tackle duplication

Even if you manage your print centrally within your company, it’s all too easy to duplicate print runs. You are reliant on perfect communication between all the relevant employees of the company. A print management company will notice any potential duplicate content and query it before forging ahead with the print run.


#4 Evaluating needs

If you’re using a centralised company print system, no doubt it was built to meet your company’s needs, perhaps with some anticipation of future print needs. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have been able to predict precisely how your company’s print needs changed over time. What’s more, your current print management system may become outdated sooner than you expect. An expensive upgrade could be required. By working with a print management company, your company’s ever-changing print needs can be catered for with ease.

A centralised print system can solve many of the print problems of multi site companies, but only by seeking specialist outside help can you secure the best deal on print, and ensure that you’re ready for the future of print. Speak to a PMG team member to get started.

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