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Four ways to improve results from your targeted direct mail campaigns

There are numerous ways in which print can be used to reach out to potential customers and clients, each with varying degrees of accuracy. A billboard can be placed where a certain demographic is likely to commute, work or shop, but ultimately you have no power over who sees it and who doesn’t. Targeted direct mail marketing, however, allows you to choose exactly who receives your print marketing materials. For targeted direct mail marketing to be successful, it’s important that as many recipients open and respond to your mail as possible. Take a look at these four clever ways to improve results from your targeted direct mail campaigns.


#1: Improve print design

There’s a tacit understanding from most practitioners that direct mail marketing has a comparatively low success rate. How many times have you received a marketing leaflet, flyer, letter or catalogue from a company and simply thrown it straight in the bin? Strong print design can be the difference between a short trip to the recycling and a long stay on the coffee table. An attractive, arresting print design will encourage recipients to read your copy, dramatically increasing the probability of a response.


#2: Improve data analysis

Data plays a huge role in the implementation of a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Customer demographics and purchase histories can be used to determine who will be receptive to direct mail and who’s unlikely to respond. Use data analysis to intelligently target your direct mail marketing campaigns and improve your success rate – look at both the recent and historical purchase histories of customers to determine whether or not they’re likely to respond to a direct mail campaign.


#3: Refine copy

Targeted direct mail marketing campaigns don’t give you a great deal of space in which to make your point. Your written copy, then, needs to be concise, persuasive and bold. Any hint of waffle or digression will have recipients switching off and reaching for the recycling bin, so high-quality written copy is key to increasing your direct mail marketing success rates. Typography is also worth considering, as key points such as your brand name, the products on offer and any reductions or savings should be clear and easily recognisable.


#4: Reduce print costs

There are many different ways you can measure the success rates of targeted direct mail campaigns, but return on investment is perhaps the most telling. If you’ve done everything you can to improve the impact of your direct mail marketing campaigns then you can always work to reduce your print costs and further enhance your return on investment. Print management can help you to minimise print expense, reducing wastage through pre-flight checks and adherence to best practice, sourcing the most cost-effective suppliers and refining your print designs to maximise savings.


Targeted direct mail marketing remains one of the most popular print marketing activities across a number of different sectors, and offers the chance of significant success. If you’d like to improve the results of your direct mail marketing campaigns then contact us today – our print management and print design services can help to minimise print expense while maximising effectiveness.

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