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From drawer to door: how we manage your print

If you organise all of your print in-house, you might be unaware of the significant savings that a print management service can make for you. A good print management company will help you to find the cheapest way to print your design. A clever print management company will aim to completely understand your print needs, make small changes to your print projects to drastically save on print costs and aim to get your printed materials delivered to you at the best possible price. Here at PMG Print Management we don’t take a half-hearted approach to print management. Our clients have seen five figure savings from our thorough print management methods, but where does the process begin?


The free print inspection

If you’re new to PMG, you’ll probably want to know exactly what savings you can make if you work with us. That’s why we offer our potential clients free print inspections. A PMG expert will visit your office and examine all of your printed materials, making note of your suppliers and your precise needs. We think this step is particularly important. Many of our clients are surprised at the savings we claim we can make after inspecting their print materials. The benefits of a central print manager are numerous. We’ll come onto them later. The free print inspection is a vital part of our print management process, as understanding your needs is key to every other stage of the process.


Design tweaks

If you’ve decided that PMG can help you with print management, you can also get our advice on design. Whether you want us to design your brochures and catalogues from scratch or you just need us to make minor changes to your existing designs, we’re able to offer our expert advice. Our expert designers know how to design your printed materials so that you save tons on print costs. After working with one of our clients we were able to save them £8,000 by snipping just 20mm off paper size.


Finding the right printer

Our experience in the industry means that we have great working relationships with some of the big names in the print industry. We instinctively know which printers will be right for your project. Whether it’s cost, sustainability or quality that you want to maximise – or something in between – we can find the right solution for you. This is another point where our deep understanding of your print needs comes in handy. We’ll offer you a number of print options and you can pick whichever is most appealing to you. You tell us what you want and we can use our industry expertise to get it for you.


Delivery, obsolescence and regular print runs

Because we already understand your print needs, we can take into account regular print runs when we negotiate prices with printers. If you’ve previously had problems with obsolescent printed materials, we can tweak your print orders to account for that. We’ll work with printers in advance to ensure that your project can be scheduled well ahead of when you want it – keeping both print and delivery costs low.


If you’d like to start the process yourself, arrange your free print inspection or contact us now to learn more.


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