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Here comes the summer – why it’s never too early to start your summer direct mail campaign

Which classic song epitomises summer for you? Does Don Henley’s Boys of summer have it, or are you more of a Steal my sunshine (Len) fan? Whatever song gets you dreaming of warm light nights and cool beers by BBQs, if you’re in marketing you can never start to plan for the summer season too early.


In our world, that means we’re already helping clients refine their summer campaigns, sourcing new materials and the best prices on regular ones to put them in pole position for when customers, not just berries, become ripe for the picking.


With the added complication of GDPR making it harder than ever to target customers via email, direct mail could be the perfect choice. Earlier this year the Information Commissioner suggested companies can use “legitimate interest” as the reason for continuing their direct mail efforts.


Take a look at Mike’s article on LinkedIn here for more about why we think email is dead.


We’re not saying direct mail campaigns are easy, but neither do they have to be complicated, so here are five simple ideas which could increase the success of your summer 2018 campaign.


Send a postcard


Image-driven, easy to personalise, low cost to print and mail. When was the last time you received a wish you were here? Often used to offer discounts or flag in-store promotions, postcards will always represent good value and, with great design, can prompt solid response rates.


Pick a pop-up


With some creating cutting and folding we can make many things flat for postage, but then pop up when opened. Ikea set the standard with their pop-up Lack table, which sprung out of an envelope in one of its catalogues. (The catalogues themselves are currently having a moment. Who said print is dead?!)


Sculpt a shape


Whether you’re playing with the shape of the entire piece or using cut-outs to creative effect, a new shape can really make your potential customer take a minute to read your mailing.


Special effects


From glow-in-the-dark dyes to foil, through heat and light-activated ink, anything which involves your audience in your direct mail will have a longer-lasting impression.


Go big or go home


If you’re selling a premium item you don’t want to let your mailing get collected up into a pile with the rest of the post. Creating something big that the recipient can’t help but notice is a great place to start. Awesome images and clever slogans can generate further interest.


Summer starts now…


Royal Mail research shows that 71% of catalogues are kept in the home for a month or more and that 87% of people were influenced by direct mail to make online purchases. With these impressive statistics and the looming threat of GDPR making it harder than ever to use email as a direct marketing channel, now is the time to plan your next campaign.


For creative help from our friendly studio design team give us a call on 01924 284330.

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