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How to get the best out of a print management company

Printed materials are having a come-back. With research from Royal Mail demonstrating that the public increasingly trusts printed mail over electronic, that 71% of catalogues are kept in the home for a month or more, and that 72% of people open all of their post, now is a better time than ever to include print in your marketing mix.


But commissioning print can be time-consuming. All those conversations with printers, waiting for quotes, trying to compare apples with oranges as different finishes and paper types are suggested. Who has time for that? Well as it happens, we do! In fact, we absolutely love getting down into the detail of print to get our clients the perfect print for the best price.


We might be the Clever Print Management company, but if a workman is only as good as his tools, we’re only as good as the way a client chooses to work with us. So here are our top tips for getting the most out of your print management company.


1 – Give a good brief – make sure you pin down all of the details – volume, size, weight and type of paper, lead time, any delivery or storage requirements – so we can get accurate prices for your print. All you need is to brief us once and we’ll spend the time investigating multiple suppliers to find the best deal for you
2 – Get us involved early – with enough time we can help shape the specification to not only get you the best product, but the best price too. We saved one client 30% on the cost of printing their labels with some clever tweaks
3 – Be clear on outcomes but flexible on deployment – if you know what you want to achieve but can be flexible on exactly how, our team can advise about the best specification to get the right result for a good price
4 – Design for print – it’s an art form in itself. What looks good on a screen might not look so hot when printed. From wishy-washy colours to fingerprints on the finish, our print-savvy design team can make sure you get an outstanding outcome
If you want to experience the difference a print management company can make, give one of our friendly team a call to chat about your latest project on 01924 284330.

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