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Inside print: revitalising your admin

Here at PMG we like to break print down into two distinct categories: inside print and outside print. Outside print refers to your marketing materials: the posters, point-of-sale items, flyers, leaflets, catalogues and more that you send out in order to win new customers and retain old ones. Inside print, meanwhile, refers to business admin and communication – it includes your internal accounting processes, training materials, break room posters and any other forms of communication you hand out within your business. It’s inside print we’ll be looking at in today’s blog post. How can print management revitalise these important processes, and what can it help to achieve?

Reduced resource wastage

One of the chief aims of print management is to reduce resource wastage. Wasting less ink and paper can help to reduce your firm’s carbon footprint while saving you money, and inside print is a great place to start. During our free, no-obligation print inspection we’ll analyse how your business uses print, looking at areas where alternatives can be considered or less wasteful practices adopted. With the right knowhow and a little patience, significant savings can be made.


Streamlined communication

We want to help your team communicate better through inside print. We aren’t here to sell you any products or push print where an alternative would be more suitable – our job is to improve your relationship with print in every aspect of your business. If we think that your office noticeboard is too cluttered or failing to communicate effectively, we’ll suggest practical alternatives. We can help you to decide whether invoices, payslips and remittance advice slips would be better off handled digitally rather than as physical copies. Print can be a great way to communicate amongst your colleagues, but it isn’t the only approach.


Greater productivity

When poorly managed, print can act as a barrier to productivity. In a surprising number of businesses print responsibility is shared between a number of different employees – no one person is in charge, and as a result, time is wasted attempting to troubleshoot problems or improve results. One of the aims of the print inspection is to identify where print responsibility should lie. By making a single employee responsible for your firm’s print, we can improve productivity and help to boost print effectiveness.


Print integration

Print management is about modernisation, innovation and flexibility. Print can be seen as an alternative to digital technologies and vice-versa, it can act as a complementary technology that works in parallel to digital or the two approaches can be integrated and used as one. Print management aims to discover which of these approaches is best for your business – should you digitise all existing admin process or just some of them, or can print and digital work together to achieve more positive results?


Here at PMG we’re on hand to improve your relationship with print – both the inside and outside kind. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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