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Seven ways of integrating print marketing with digital

Print advertising isn’t dying – it’s only evolving. The most successful marketing campaigns are integrating multiple channels, with traditional formats such as TV, radio and print advertising being complemented by digital platforms such as social media and email marketing. Print advertising has the potential to play an important role in your next multichannel marketing campaign. The digital arena has become cluttered – a well-executed advertising campaign accompanied by stylish print will provide a welcome contrast, allowing your message to cut through the thousands of half-hearted social media campaigns and improve response rates. In a practical sense, what are the methods that businesses like yours can use to integrate your print advertising efforts with digital marketing? Here are just a few ideas…


#1: Hashtags

Create a simple but effective link from your print advertising campaign to your digital efforts by including hashtags on adverts, leaflets, catalogues and direct mail campaigns. If your physical marketing material is well designed, and the content is relevant and of interest, a hashtag provides an easy way for the individual to discuss the product, service or ad campaign with others.


#2: Referral URLs and landing pages

Printing a short, memorable URL on your physical marketing materials will increase the chance of individuals taking a step further and engaging with the advertising campaign you’ve created. Tempt individuals in with the promise of a discount. Not only will you gain traffic to your website, you’ll also be able to immediately and accurately measure the success of your print marketing campaign.


#3: Personalised codes

Another way to tempt customers to visit your website is to provide personalised discount codes printed in leaflets, letters, and direct mail marketing material. These codes could provide customers with specific offers and discounts based on their past purchases, or simply provide discounts on certain online products that you wish to push.


#4: Direct mail catalogues and ordering online

Next time you send out catalogues, ensure that the customer is immediately aware that they can order online, instead of over the phone or via an order form. Tempt customers to order online through introductory offers, again, when the customer visits your website you’ll be able to log that visit and track the responses from your print marketing campaign.


#5: Recommendations

If you’re in a sector that benefits heavily from online reviews and social media recommendations, encourage your current customers and clients to review your business online when you send out printed marketing materials to them.


#6: Find your audience

If your brand has a strong digital presence but you’re unsure which market to target with an upcoming multichannel marketing campaign, analyse the demographics of visitors to your brand’s Facebook page. Facebook provides you with reasonably detailed information on the visitors to your page, allowing you to decide the specific markets you wish to target.


#7: Sharing

A tried and tested method of marketing is to encourage customers and clients to take photos of your branded products or marketing material in unusual places, or to allow dedicated customers to show off their hoard of products. While this is hardly a subtle approach to marketing, if your brand is friendly and approachable, your customers are likely to be willing to take part. You can then share this content on social media channels to increase engagement and also your brand’s visibility.


Clever design and print management in print advertising give you solid foundations from which to build a multichannel marketing campaign. Tweet us with more of your favourite integrated marketing tips, and we’ll share the best!

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