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Macro Art prints world record!

Larger-than-life print specialists Macro Art have beaten their own record this week by creating a 55x59m print of Bollywood film star and producer Akshay Kumar, which they displayed in a local airfield. The poster has been confirmed as the largest film poster in the world by Guinness World Records after their first attempt was disqualified for being assembled as separate panels.


The record-breaking poster was printed on 36 PVC mesh panels, each measuring 5m x18m, using an EFI GS5000 UV machine, before being welded together using an FIAB high frequency table. It took 30 hours to print the 1.4 tonne poster, a surprisingly short amount of time, thanks to Macro Art’s EFI machine. Over 40 members of staff were required to lift it onto a special made pallet and a total of 250 ground pegs were needed to secure the print to the ground. The poster was commissioned by Akshay Kumar’s fan club, Team Akshay.


Macro Art also held the previous world record for a large print of Michael Jackson that was used to promote the film documentary ‘This Is It’ in 2009, which was placed near Heathrow to catch the attention of those flying in and out. They only beat their record ever so slightly as the Jackson poster was only three or four metres smaller.

At PMG, we love a challenge of any size and on any scale. While we’re yet to break any records, we’re certainly willing to give it a try and put our print management skills to the test! If you have a certain project in mind that you would like to discuss with us, get in touch today; let’s see about creating something big.

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