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New print ad changes colour when you touch it!

The January issue of Wired is one to look out for, as it includes more than just your average printed text and images. In it, you’ll find a full-page advertisement for the new Moto X, complete with buttons that you can push to change the colour of the phone, taking print advertising to a whole new level.


The ad uses a paper-thin battery, LEDs and a keyboard-like button membrane to achieve the effect and was designed to show just how customisable the new handset really is. Print is not often experimented with to this degree, as it is usually cheaper to play around with such adverts online, but last year Lexus did run a print ad in which a car appeared to turn on its headlights and move – if you put your iPad behind the page and ran a certain film. This is certainly the most advanced print ad we’ve seen to date.


An estimated 153,490 readers will see the ad, which will only be distributed in the New York and Chicago metro areas to support extensive ad campaigns already taking place in those markets. It would seem that the reason why Google-owned Motorola is going to such great lengths to grab the audience’s attention is because their sales failed to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the first quarter. We’re sure this ad will cause quite a stir.


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