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Nick Clegg & sons print their own Christmas cards

In the past Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has often bought pre-made Christmas cards to give to his friends, families and voters, but this year he has decided to follow in the footsteps of his peers (David Cameron and Ed Miliband) and print his own cards instead. The deputy prime minister chose a charming photo of himself and his wife as the main design of his card, but keen to get his young sons involved, he let them add the finishing touches…


After lending his iPad to the boys Clegg’s youngsters went to town on the image, giving the card a seasonal makeover and adding a Father Christmas hat to Clegg, antlers and a red nose to his wife and painting a Christmas tree in the corner. It is finishing touches such as these that can make a print project all the more personal and effective, and enhancing an image digitally gives you the opportunity to make mistakes.


At PMG, we love the design stage of a print project; it’s one of our favourite parts. As experts in the field of print management we enjoy experimenting with colours and textures, testing certain fonts with various backgrounds and seeing what works well to reflect your brand image. We know how best to manage a print project and save you time and money – we’re more than happy to take full responsibility of the process ourselves.


Nick Clegg’s Christmas cards will certainly stand out among the rest this year – despite the fact that many politicians have opted for a card featuring a family portrait on the front – simply because he took his design that little bit further. If you would like us to help you go the extra mile with your print projects in future, get in touch today!

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