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Not so fantastic plastic: What’s the alternative?

Consumers are increasingly scrutinising the environmental credentials of the companies they buy from. Programmes such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet have shone a light on the damage plastic is doing to our world, particularly to our beaches and marine life.


Switching from plastic to paper is one way your company can tangibly demonstrate a drive towards sustainability. Being green is no longer optional or a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential to keep up with the competition and meet customer demand. Those that don’t take it seriously, or are seen to be using environmentally damaging plastics, may soon see customers voting with their feet.


Here at PMG, we’re perfectly placed to help you explore the options for moving from printed plastic to paper. You might not even realise there’s a more sustainable, recyclable alternative to something you’re already producing; but that’s why we’re here to help.


Look around and you’ll see lots of organisations making the switch. Paper straws are now usually on offer in pubs and bars (we’re crossing everything they will soon be open so we can check out what our local has!). And last year the National Trust swapped its plastic membership cards for a durable, 100% recyclable and compostable paper-based alternative. You can even get seeds embedded in paper these days, like these award-winning plant-able hearts.


Freddie’s Flowers is another great example of a company which uses paper-based wrappers in place of cellophane or other less environmentally friendly options. This subscription flower delivery service brings you fresh flowers each week in recyclable packaging. Even the flower food comes in a compostable, biodegradable sachet!


From fashion to food, there’s lots of examples of companies that have swapped plastic for paper. H&M Group and Aldi have both switched their carrier bags to paper in a bid to support a more sustainable environment and meet increasing consumer demand for greener alternatives. Aldi has also switched to recyclable trays for some of its fresh produce.


Fast food restaurants have also recognised the need for change, as Costa, Pret and McDonalds have also ditched plastic straws for paper ones – although drinking a McDonalds milkshake through a paper straw takes real commitment.


There are so many great options now, printing on plastic is fast becoming completely unnecessary. ‘But what about the trees?’ I hear you cry. There’s no need to worry. At PMG we love paper, but we also love trees. Not in a tree-hugging, hippy way, but 94% of our paper comes from Europe, where the area of forest cover is increasing by an area four times the size of London every year! That’s a pretty sustainable source of paper, and we can help you make the best use of it.


We are not just about paper and printing, but people too. We love talking to our clients and building long lasting relationships, so we can truly understand your business needs, and we have access to the whole print and production marketplace, so the opportunities are endless. It’s fair to say when it comes to paper and ink, we are obsessed to quite frankly nerdy proportions, so if you are looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic, that still looks fantastic, why not get in touch with our friendly team today?


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