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Paper electronics: the future of print?

There are those who believe that print as a medium has had its day, and that digital is the future in terms of marketing, accounting, communications and in a host of other everyday business-critical scenarios.


Who’s to say, however, that print and digital technologies can’t coexist for the mutual improvement of both? Here at PMG Print Management we understand and appreciate the power of print as a medium, but also recognise the need to integrate burgeoning technologies where possible.


We reported back in 2013 on the growing popularity of video brochures – print marketing materials with integrated video to help sell products and services in a more immersive way than print could perhaps achieve on its own.


Now, designers, artists and engineers are developing more ingenious ways of utilising paper and technology. Designer Coralie Gourguechon has created a conductive paper speaker, comprised of a sheet of card, a small 9V power source and various electronic components. When flat, the product acts as an educational tool describing a circuit diagram of a speaker. When the speaker cone is unfolded and assembled, however, the product actually works to amplify sound.


As well as being an ingenious piece of design, it’s not difficult to see how devices such as this could work for the purposes of print marketing. The medium of print is still very much at the forefront of innovation, and new developments such as this remind us of what can be achieved with the help of a little creativity.


Here at PMG Print Management we love nothing more than a creative print design, so why not contact us and find out how we can help to revolutionise your print projects this year?


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