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Pentawards winners reveal the year’s best packaging designs

The Pentawards are an annual celebration of all things packaging design, and if you think that sounds like a pretty dry awards ceremony then you’re mistaken – just wait until you see the winners!


The best packaging designs combine art with marketing, and just like the most creative adverts they are worthy of recognition. Such was the logic of event co-founder Brigitte Everard, who helped to launch the Pentawards in 2007.


Now in its seventh year, the coveted Diamond Pentawards have been claimed by brands such as Coca Cola and Kleenex in the past. Brigitte says that in order to thrive in a competitive sector, packaging designers ‘must often do a lot with a little’ and that ‘the goal of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass-market to luxury.’


This year’s Diamond Pentawards winners were the firm Family Business, whose Absolut Unique bottles combined high-quality printing with innovative design and an original concept. Hot on the heels of the Absolut winners were brands including Walkers and Budweiser, who claimed Platinum Pentawards for their own packaging designs.


With more than 1,400 entries this year, the Pentawards are hotly contested, and it’s certain that only the most originally creative, artfully printed packaging designs will prosper at the event in 2014.


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