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Advertising expert claims outdoor print advertising still beats digital

Contrary to popular belief, print advertising is not dead! An advertising expert has spoken up to praise outdoor print advertising, stating that digital fails to provide a cost-effective advertising solution in the majority of situations. The Chief Executive of Australia’s outdoor media agency (OMA), Charmaine Moldrich, predicted that printed outside advertising would remain the norm for the foreseeable future.


Moldrich said: ‘while a lot of indoor advertising is moving to digital, most signage is outdoor and is protected by cost concerns and regulation.’ She predicts that digital advertising will make up a quarter of outdoor advertising in five years time, but printed advertising will not be pushed aside. There are road safety concerns associated with moving digital advertising, with light pollution another potential problem – particularly in residential areas. Printed advertising is the easy, sensible and safe choice.


Another Australian expert, Brendon Cook, chief executive of Australian media company oOH! states that the outdoor print advertising market is likely to become more competitive in the near future. The average length of marketing campaigns has reduced from 12 months to four weeks over the past ten years, which means printers have to be able to adapt.

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