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Print advertising: your options explored

We all know that print advertising can be incredibly effective – it was helping to inform purchase decisions long before digital advertising was even conceived of, and it’ll be around long after the next marketing flavour of the month has been and gone. If you’re considering investing in a print marketing campaign or two this year, you’ll have a number of options when it comes to deciding where and how to distribute your printed materials. Which format is the best for your brand? Take a look at these five effective options…


Magazine and newspaper ads

Perhaps the most common form of print advertising – and certainly the one most people think of when they picture print adverts – magazine and newspaper ads have been in use for centuries. Although this form of advertisement is expensive (you have to pay a significant sum to have your ads exhibited in high circulation newspapers and magazines), it has the potential to reach large numbers of individuals. Magazine and newspaper ads offer the opportunity to create clever, eye-catching print designs.


POS materials

Not all print advertisements have to be circulated in order to prove successful. Retailers can use POS (point-of-sale) materials placed around the till or at other locations in the shop, directing customers to particular products or revealing the details of offers and promotions. POS materials can act as eye-catching adverts or provide information on particular products, helping customers to make purchase decisions without having to rely on shop assistants for help.



Posters are a versatile form of print advertising and can be used in a number of different locations. Some companies choose to use posters around their business premises, contributing to the organisation’s branding and helping to create a consistent public image. Posters can also be used outside of your business – at bus stops, in tube stations and elsewhere around towns and cities. An effective poster requires an intelligent and carefully planned print design.


Billboards & large format

Billboards are usually reserved for larger brands, as they tend to be quite costly. Billboards are often located along roadsides and in city centres, and are so large they practically demand the attention of passers-by. While large-format print advertisements are doubtless effective, they’re also expensive – not only in terms of renting the space but also physically producing the documents themselves. If you’d like to embark on a large format print marketing campaign, you’ll need the help of a print management firm to keep the costs down.


Creative solutions

Not all print advertising formats are quite so obvious. Enterprising print marketers have employed all sorts of revolutionary formats to create effective print adverts in the past, from the floors of shopping centres to the surfaces of staircases and even street furniture. Perhaps you’d like to consider a similarly unique and ambitious print marketing project this year?

Here at PMG we aim to help our clients improve their relationship with print – making print more effective, more affordable and more approachable than ever before. To find out more about our print management services, contact us today.

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