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Print management and your marketing department: how we work together

Clever print management can secure five-figure print savings on the print bills of large businesses. It can also achieve far more than that for businesses of all sizes. The best of today’s print management companies don’t only act as middlemen between you and the printer (netting you the best deals) but take a holistic approach to print – saving you money, time and reducing errors into the bargain. We can even help you design new print marketing projects to maximise their effectiveness while minimising print costs. The marketing departments of very large companies may boast print specialists, but smaller companies rarely have this luxury. Print management companies can fill that void. How do we work with your marketing department on key projects?


Your print consultant

Have a new marketing campaign in mind? You can bounce your ideas of us from the very beginning. We’ll be able to give you estimates on the numbers involved in creating different printed documents – from posters and leaflets to catalogues and business cards. We can even draw up designs based on your brief and suggest where additional savings could be made. During all parts of the process, we’ll respond to your feedback, make changes and contribute further suggestions where necessary. Essentially we’ll act as your marketing department’s print consultant, offering you as a little or as much assistance as required – and of course, complete confidentiality.


Part of your team

After working with companies on several projects, they begin to view us as part of their marketing department. In most cases, you’ll be assigned your own account manager who acts as your single point of contact with the PMG Print Management team. Whenever you need us, contact your account manager and we’ll immediately start discussing potential solutions to your problem with others at PMG. We can prompt the design studio to draft some new designs for your new employee handbook, or start contacting our suppliers to see if they have the capacity for a last-minute print run.


Your emergency contact

Many marketing teams are under tight time and budgetary constraints, and even the most carefully assembled marketing campaign can be derailed easily – perhaps by a broken down printer or the illness of a key team member. For many marketing departments, PMG acts as reliable emergency contact that can (almost) always find a way to initiate a backup plan for your marketing team. We frequently manage to meet 48-hour turnaround times, and can even work to deliver your printed products to you overnight. If you need a last-minute print run or change to a print design, all you need do is pick up the phone or send us a quick email and we’ll see what we can do.


Ultimately, the relationship between your PMG contact and your marketing department depends upon your needs and requirements. We’re happy to step in and advise you on small print queries or complete rebrands, a single short print run or an entire print-led marketing campaign.

Interested in our print management services? Book a free print inspection or give us a call to find out more.

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