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Print management: it’s not just your bank balance that benefits

Print management can save your business tens of thousands of pounds each year. Clever print management centralises all of your print jobs in order to provide huge savings on your annual inside and outside print expenses. We don’t need to go into how those savings are achieved – we’re sure you know all that by now. The benefits of print management don’t just accrue directly, however. There are plenty of indirect benefits that you’ll also receive from clever print management. Let’s take a look at what else you can gain from print management, and perhaps these advantages will persuade you to check out how PMG Print Management can help your business!

Your clients

Your clients will benefit from clever print management, too! Printed marketing materials such as brochures and catalogues will reach your clients and customers more swiftly than in previous years. You’ll be able to carry out marketing campaigns and provide offers and discounts to your customers based on rapidly changing market trends and conditions. Clients will be able to benefit from timely discounts on seasonal products and services, with more time to take advantage of deals and offers. Happier clients means increased loyalty, meaning that you’ll have secured their services for the foreseeable future and can benefit from the increased revenue to go with it!

The environment

Print management almost always reduces paper use. Improved print efficiency and resource savings go hand in hand. It’s clear that print management is good for the environment and cuts your carbon footprint. If you like, you can ask us to manage your print so that we only use recycled paper and print companies with low carbon footprints. That way, you can market your printed materials (and indeed, your company) as eco-friendly – netting you more sales and even happier clients!

Your employees

It’s not just outside print that print management can help you with. Inside print, as we call it, includes forms, memos, letters, envelopes and training manuals. If you deal with all your print internally, then a sizeable chunk of your employees’ time will be dedicated to printing out these materials. Outsourcing your print means that your employees can focus on other, more important aspects of their jobs. Up-to-date documents will always be to hand, ensuring that staff can complete paper-based tasks with ease. Obsolescence will be reduced, as will paper-based waste. Overall, your employees will have a small but not insignificant burden lifted from their shoulders, making their jobs more enjoyable and satisfying.

Your marketing team

Print management provides more flexibility than the office multifunction printer or your usual print company would ever be able to. Print management companies are able to draw on the expertise of dozens of different companies, ensuring a swift response to any specific requests or changes that you want to make. If you want to try out different print finishing techniques for your next batch of business cards, you can.

It’s clear that the benefits of print management go beyond direct savings. To learn more, contact PMG now and speak to a member of our award-winning team.

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