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Print management – everything is EPIC!

You know you’re among marketing people when the event title works even better as an acronym.


Our director, Mike, attended EPIC (Everything’s Possible in Integrated Communications), the conference for marketing and adjacent industries. The resounding message? Long live print!


Mark Wright, founder of ClimbOnline and winner of BBC’s The Apprentice in 2014, implored printers to talk more to marketers about what print can do for them, rather than speaking about it in technical terms. He talked about his approach to return on investment, looking at an overall campaign rather than individual activities.


“Print is so important in your business and we do as much print advertising as online and any other advertising that I do. I don’t look at the ROI on flyers or putting an ad in a magazine, I look at marketing spend as one whole and then the ROI on the company.


“Because if you break the ROI down it would never make sense and no business would be marketing. You need to look at a longer cycle going across more channels and watch how successful you become.”


He added: “As long as one person that didn’t know about your business sees your business from a marketing campaign, that’s now successful. You don’t know when they might buy your product down the line.”


It’s a conversation we’re a part of with many of our clients who want to make sure their printing and marketing is working as hard as it can for them and we’ll always encourage a strategic approach in favour of knee-jerk decision making.


The EPIC event itself brought together the great and the good of the print and marketing industries, leading to robust discussions around what the future holds and how professionals in each specialism can work more closely together for the benefit of clients.


Here at PMG, we like to think we can do a lot of that integration for the companies we work for.


Thanks to our clever in-house design studio, we can take a project from barely a concept to hard copy materials and manage the entire process for you. We also offer the flexibility to leverage our industry contacts to provide high quality print services for clients who only need the printing.


Technology is moving quickly and we work hard to stay ahead of new developments in our industry, so talk to us if you want to know what print can do for you today.

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