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Print marketing: how to cut costs without sacrificing effectiveness

‘Cost versus value’ is a consideration so common in the business world that it’s practically a mantra. Everything you do has to be thought of in terms of how much it’s likely to cost, and how much value the process is likely to bring to the business. Of course the Holy Grail is a solution that costs very little but provides a great deal of value – although more often than not you get what you pay for. The aim of print management is to reduce print costs and wastage whilst maximising effectiveness, but is it really possible to minimise your print marketing spend without seeing a drop in quality? 

Print size

Don’t panic – we’d never suggest that you abandon your plans for a large format print marketing campaign in the pursuit of reduced costs. While bigger isn’t necessarily better in the world of print marketing, sometimes a campaign’s effectiveness hinges on the impact of a large format print. However, a difference of just a few millimetres here and there can help you to make significant savings without affecting the aesthetics of your print marketing campaigns. By thinking beyond the constraints of ‘traditional’ paper formats and reducing print size by the merest fraction, we’ve helped our clients save thousands. We can do the same for you.


Procurement is an area of print that’s largely ignored by those looking to save costs. Most businesses believe that by sourcing all of their print products and services from the same place they’ll receive the very best deal, but that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s important to assess your print needs and explore the most cost-effective options for your firm. Here at PMG we have a huge network of contacts throughout the print sector, so we know which companies are capable of offering you the best deals. Taking a considered approach to print procurement can save you three, four or even five figures on you print marketing activities each year, without impacting effectiveness. 

Colour and finish

Colour and finish are both important considerations when it comes to print costs. While it’s tempting to invest in full colour prints featuring gilded, embossed or laminated finishes, such design considerations will inevitably push costs through the roof. Here’s where the cost/value argument really takes hold. You need to analyse whether the more expensive aspects of your print marketing campaigns will prove worthwhile, whether your audience will respond to them or whether they’ll simply prove a waste of money. We can help you to assess the impact your print campaigns will have on your audience, and whether cheaper options can be explored without sacrificing effectiveness. Black-and-white, monochrome or unfinished prints can be just as effective as their more expensive alternatives.


Of course, a strong design will all but guarantee print marketing effectiveness. A really striking design and concept will draw the eye, live long in the memory and act as a talking point amongst viewers. If you focus on design then you can look to save money elsewhere – a really strong print marketing campaign doesn’t need to be plastered onto every wall or bus shelter, or sandwiched between the pages of all the top magazines and newspapers. Instead, you can focus on placing your campaign where it can do the most good. Our design studio can help you to develop winning print designs, allowing you to save money elsewhere while maintaining effectiveness.

Effective print marketing needn’t be ruinously expensive – print management aims to reduce costs and maximise the impact of your print simultaneously. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help to transform the role of print in your business, take a look through our blog or contact us directly.

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