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Promotional products: where and when to use them

When most people think of print they immediately think ‘paper’, but of course this isn’t the only medium capable of carrying your marketing messages. Print can be used to apply your company’s logo and branding to all kinds of different items. We call these items promotional products. Promotional products can be highly effective marketing tools, offering greater longevity and value for money than most other marketing campaigns. Learn how, where and when to utilise promotional marketing in our latest guide…


Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way of keeping clients sweet. Naturally there’s a certain degree of etiquette when it comes to offering corporate gifts – you don’t want to be accused of bribery, after all – so selecting the right corporate gifts and choosing the right time to send them is crucial. Christmas and other widely celebrated annual events make for good opportunities to send corporate gifts – simply send the season’s greetings alongside a branded box of chocolates or other appropriate gift to help cement your brand in the minds of your clients. You can also send gifts to correspond with landmarks in your clients’ and partners’ careers – a case of branded champagne, for example, would be much appreciated when celebrating a successful expansion, takeover or similar.


Purchase freebies

Promotional products can also be used to improve brand loyalty. Consider giving away branded promotional items to reward customers for making a certain number of purchases, or for buying in bulk. Many large companies use this technique to great success – Compare the Market, for example, uses its (in)famous stuffed meerkat toys to encourage brand loyalty over its competitors.


Conference and event giveaways

Conferences and events are standard practice in almost any industry, and they provide a great opportunity for you to spread brand awareness with the help of some high-quality promotional products. Conferences and events see potential clients, collaborators and customers converge beneath a single roof, so catching and maintaining their attention is a major coup for any brand. Promotional products have a serious advantage over most other forms of marketing communication, too: they last. A branded mug or mouse mat, for example, might stay on your potential client’s desk for years, subtly reminding them of your company on a daily basis.


On-site essentials

Promotional products shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions, however. It pays to keep a stock of promotional items on-site in your store, office or headquarters. Naturally these items can be handed out to any customers or clients who come to visit, but you don’t have to opt for a hard sell approach. Imagine that you ran a bank, for instance. Instead of chaining the ballpoint pens to each work station, you could provide a stock of branded stationery for customers to use when they come in branch. Then, if they choose to take the pens away with them, you’ll have succeeded in implementing an inexpensive marketing campaign that’ll last a long time.


When used correctly, promotional marketing can have a profound effect on the way clients and customers view your brand. Here at PMG we’re dedicated to improving your relationship with print –- whether that means reducing your overall print spend, helping to create a range of branded promotional items or more. Contact us today to find out how our print management services can benefit you.

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