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Rebranding: what you need to consider

Over at the PMG design studio we’re well used to helping our clients overcome their design woes and develop winning print designs. Occasionally we’re asked to play our part in full company rebrands – the mother of all design challenges! If your company branding is a little dated or otherwise unsuitable for the future ambitions of your business, perhaps you’re considering a rebrand of your own. If so, make sure you bear in mind these crucial considerations…

Do you really need to rebrand?

A rebrand can be a very drastic way of updating your brand image, so the first thing you ought to consider is whether it’s entirely necessary. Corporate history is bulging with examples of companies that have undertaken ambitious rebrands in haste only to repent that decision at their leisure. We’ve written before about Gap’s ill-fated logo redesign here on the PMG blog, but this isn’t the only example that springs easily to mind. Google’s decision to rebrand as Alphabet has struck many people as ill advised, particularly as the word ‘Google’ has become a generic term for submitting an online search query. While your brand is unlikely to have the global cachet of a Gap or a Google, there’s still a chance that a full rebrand could alienate existing customers, reduce brand loyalty and harm brand recognition. Consider whether a few tweaks and updates to your existing brand might be more appropriate than a full rebrand.


What’s worth retaining?

As we alluded to in the previous paragraph, even small companies will have developed a recognisable brand over time. With that in mind, it’s worth considering whether you ought to retain certain aspects of your existing brand even while adopting a new identity. If you aren’t happy with your brand logo, motto and typeface, for example, you might be content to stick with the brand colours you have for now. That way, when your brand relaunches with its new face in place, existing customers will be able to recognise that the new edifice is nevertheless your company. If the brand colours aren’t worth retaining, then other aspects of your brand might well be. Don’t be tempted to throw the baby out with the bathwater.



If you have your heart set on a rebrand then it’s important to ensure that the design you adopt is stronger than the design you had before. It might be tempting to save money by managing your rebrand in-house, but in most cases this approach is unlikely to lead to really professional results. The PMG design studio is capable of turning over design briefs in no time at all, beating your demanding deadlines and generating fantastic results to boot. if you want your new brand to really stand out, we can help.



Above all, a brand should be consistent. There ought to be a strong and recognisable visual identity running across your company’s physical premises, online presence and print materials, as well as any extras such as staff uniforms and stationery. An inconsistent brand is an ineffective brand, so it’s crucial that you fully adopt your new visual identity from top to bottom of your company.


PMG Print Management can help you to develop and implement your new brand across all of your inside and outside print materials, ensuring consistent and effective branding. To find out more about how our print design services can benefit you, be sure to contact us today.

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