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Research shows photography improves your memory

Although many of us try to keep our minds healthy and active by playing puzzles and word games in an attempt to prevent memory loss, a recent study has shown that working on that tricky crossword might not be enough. Apparently, those who invest their time in developing new skills such as design and photography have a better chance of staying sharp and improving their memory. Perhaps working with our Leeds print management company could be helping our clients in the same way, too…


The study, which observed 221 people, found that those who were split into groups and performed simple activities such as listening to classical music or attempting crosswords displayed no improvement in ‘staying sharp,’ while those in groups who engaged in developing new skills that required them to challenge themselves mentally made significant improvement. Dr Denise Park of the University of Texas’ Centre for Vital Longevity said: ‘when you’re inside your comfort zone you may be outside of the enhancement zone. We need, as a society, to learn how to maintain a healthy mind…’


Of course, many of the individuals we provide our printing management services to often learn something new along the way. Our clever print team have been able to teach our clients how changing paper size by 20mm can save them £8,000, and how the Inside Out Print Inspection can improve everything from response rates to print budgets. When paired with our Clever Design Studio and monthly printing tips, we’re quite sure that working with PMG could be one of the cleverest decisions you’ll ever make. If you’d like to chat through how we could help you, get in touch today.


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