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Revealed: the secret of innovative design

Clever print management can be used to ensure that all of your print marketing projects are executed to the highest possible quality at a cost-effective price, but sadly without innovative design, they aren’t always guaranteed to be successful. Print marketing projects such as point-of-sale promotions, posters, flyers or product packaging are heavily reliant upon design, with clever branding often having a profound effect on sales. But what is the secret of innovative design? Is it something that can be taught, or is it an innate skill? While we would never profess to own the secret to flawless design every time, these five foolproof dos and don’ts will help you to generate more effective print marketing projects in future…


Don’t: be too conservative

Conservativism is the number one killer of creativity. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘a giraffe is a horse designed by a committee?’ Essentially, it means that allowing your vision to be diluted by the cautious attitudes of others will ultimately compromise the finished product. The best design projects are brave and innovative, but many companies find it hard to shake off their conservative attitudes when it comes to the crunch. Now is the time to push the boat out and shake off those corporate inhibitions!


Do: something original

Good design is all about creativity and originality – not about rehashing old ideas and recycled concepts. While it can be tempting to look at what other people have done and attempt to replicate their success, the best thing you can be is a leader and not a follower. During your print marketing projects, you need to take the opportunity to innovate and trial new ideas, without merely copying those things that have been successful in the past.


Don’t: let your vision be compromised

During your print marketing projects, you’ll invariably encounter dozens of pitfalls and obstacles that will threaten to derail your efforts. You may have had a specific vision or idea of how you want your finished project to look, only for your print management company to tell you that your ideal cannot be achieved, or that you must compromise to get the job done at the right price. Here at PMG Print Management, we don’t believe in compromise, and neither should you. However, we’re also not afraid to let you know how to improve your vision to save money or improve turnaround time, as seen through our print inspection case studies.


Do: speak from the heart

The best print marketing projects are those that are unique to the company in question, and successfully express the personality and ethos of the brand. Your company is unique and ought to be distinguished from its competitors through the use of print marketing. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your designs help to capture the ethos of your brand and don’t come across as too generic.


Don’t: fall at the final hurdle

Once you’ve perfected your designs and are happy with what you have, it’s time to approach the print management stage. Now’s the time when your entire project can come together, or fall apart at the final hurdle. Don’t let poor-quality paper and shoddy printing techniques ruin your project, and don’t let inept print management techniques push the price or timelines through the roof: your designs deserve more than that!


Here at PMG we’re dedicated to clever print management, and that means giving clever design the attention it deserves. If you want to achieve your ambitions without compromise this year, contact us today.


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