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Four reasons small businesses should care about print management

PMG is a print management company in Leeds that has brought its expertise to some big names in business, and netted them hundreds of thousands of pounds in cumulative print savings. The sheer quantity of print that these companies require on a daily basis means that even that smallest percentage saving will result in huge absolute gains over time. Many small and medium businesses believe that they won’t benefit from the services of print management companies as their print volumes are relatively low. While it’s unlikely that an SME will see five-figure gains as a result of print management, there are certainly many other advantages to be gained from working with us…


#1: Reduce the pressure on cashflow

Small print savings may be vital when it comes to your cashflow. If your manager is reluctant to sign off on a print marketing campaign because of cashflow concerns, even a 10% cut in the estimated print bill frees up more money and reduces the pressure on cashflow. We know that small businesses aren’t only concerned with how their balance sheet looks at the end of the year – it’s also important that business isn’t held back due to late payments from clients and looming bills. Print management ensures that you’re never paying more than you need to on print.


#2: Expert knowledge

Even the largest companies are cutting back on print experts, and few SMEs feel it’s worthwhile to employ someone solely to manage print. New companies in particular may lack that expert knowledge that enables them to secure good deals on print and produce printed materials that are up to scratch. Today’s print management companies act as consultants and tutors – we’ll explain where print costs increase and how you can reduce them. We’ll discuss different print processes and where each of them might be useful. As your business needs change and grow, we’ll continue to suggest where additional savings can be made.


#3: Storage, security and delivery

Companies that make heavy use of print must also consider storage, security and delivery of printed products, in addition to their distribution. If you’re struggling for space in your office as it is, a print management company can use its network of contacts to source you secure storage for an affordable price. Alternatively, if you struggle to coordinate deliveries of printed materials then we’ll help you to manage that, too. We can work with suppliers to meet your looming print deadlines and have the results delivered to you as soon as we can.


#4: Design

We recognise that effective, high quality, affordable print isn’t just about the printing process itself. It goes way back to the design stage. If you really want to achieve your print goals, evaluating your designs (and even your branding) is where you must begin. PMG’s in-house design studio can help you to create a fresh new look for your brand, come up with exciting new print marketing materials or make tweaks to update your company’s inside print.


Interested in how print management could help your SME? Book a free print inspection and find out.


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