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Study reveals that print catalogues boost online sales

The relentless growth of the online shopping industry has rung a number of changes to the way in which companies market, promote and sell their goods, but this doesn’t mean that the old ways of traditional print marketing are dead.

A new study from the global management consultant firm Kurt Salmon has revealed just how powerful so-called ‘old fashioned’ marketing techniques such as print catalogues can be to the retail industry. According to the report, 58% of online shoppers consult catalogues for ideas before venturing online, while 31% have a retailer catalogue at their side when they make an online purchase.


This study revealed that printed catalogues are still important marketing tools in the arsenal of any online retailer, although responses weren’t consistently positive in reference to catalogues. 44% of respondents to the Kurt Salmon study revealed that they wanted to receive fewer catalogues in the mail, so a large proportion of print marketing efforts may not be having a positive effect.


What these results suggest is that print marketing in the form of catalogues and flyers can be effective, but ultimately, quality is important. Your recipients are likely to simply discard a catalogue or brochure unless they immediately like what they see, so you need to work hard to make a positive first impression.


Here at PMG Print Management, our clever print management services can ensure that your print marketing materials make the right first impression every time, helping you to produce more striking, cost-effective catalogues in future. Why not contact us to see how we can help you prepare for the year ahead?


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