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Technology that reflects your creativity

When you’re designing a project the last thing you want is to send your beautiful, creative drafts to the printers only to discover that what you’ve envisaged just isn’t possible. Fortunately, printing technology is making great strides to keep up with emerging trends. From metallic finishes to embossing and debossing, from razor sharp cutting to truer colours, the technology now exists to create products that make your brand stand out from the crowd.


But new technology isn’t all focused on pretty treatments and touchable finishes. The real smart money is in programmatic mailing – synching your data with your design to create personalised marketing materials that really speak to your audience.


For customers, programmatic direct mail can cut through the noise online (honestly, how many browser windows do you have open right now?) and bring their purchasing decisions into the real world. Royal Mail research found 87% of people were influenced to buy online as a direct result of receiving mail.


So how does programmatic mailing work?


First of all, it relies on the customer being happy for you to use their data, so make sure you’re meeting your GDPR requirements with the permissions on your website. When that customer interacts with your website – viewing a particular item or even going so far as putting it in their online shopping basked – but doesn’t purchase, the action can trigger an immediate programmatic mail response.


The result is a personalised communication that lands on their doorstep within 24-48 hours. It might include a special offer, giving the customer to buy something they really want for less and encouraging brand loyalty.


How effective is it, really?


Email inboxes are full of abandoned cart follow ups. In a world of online noise, taking part of your customer’s marketing experience offline can be just the difference you need. A trial using online retailer, JD Williams, found programmatic mail helped the brand recover 14% of lost sales by using a piece of direct mail delivered a few days later with an offer that focuses on the product the customer was looking at.


Further research on programmatic mail has found it can generate four times the engagement, 35% response, 22% purchase and a 25X average return on ad spend. If that’s what it’s doing for other companies, isn’t it time you got involved?


And of course, the beautiful finishes that help your mail stand out on the doormat are still available to help you produce enticing product marketing that customers want to be a part of. If you’d like to know more about how you can improve your direct mail marketing, give our Clever Team a call on 01924 284 330, visit www.pmg-pm.co.uk or email 01924 284 330.

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