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The beauty of branded stationery

Unless you have a very specific form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, you probably don’t derive too much satisfaction from objects such as headed notepaper, folders and lined notepads. Here at PMG Print Management, we have a vested interest in such things, however, and believe that branded stationery can indeed be beautiful. While we don’t expect you to necessarily share in our passion, we will endeavour to communicate just why it is that we believe branded stationery to be so important. Take a look at these four important factors – should you be investing in your own branded stationery in the near future?


Brand awareness and brand loyalty

Branding is an efficient means of encouraging brand awareness and brand loyalty amongst your customers. The more your company name, logo, colours and slogan are visible to your customers, the more likely they are to remember you frequently in future. When you send correspondence to clients and customers, you’re missing a trick if you fail to do so using branded stationery. This is a great opportunity to pursue an additional branding exercise, providing you with the chance to further familiarise your clients and customers with your brand. High-quality print management can help you to present your correspondence in a more attractive, visually appealing way in future.



Every expanding company will inevitably take a little time to develop its own identity and sense of internal community. The quicker this occurs, however, the more your employees will begin to think of themselves as a team and start giving more for the benefit of your business. Branded stationery may seem like a rather minor consideration, but consider the effect it could have on your staff. The sooner they begin to see evidence of your brand logo and colours on the day-to-day artefacts of the office environment, the more they’ll see your company as a cohesive and professional unit. Branding can help to engender a sense of teamwork and togetherness that it can otherwise prove difficult to establish.


Legitimacy and authority

It can take time for any business to shake off the sense of ‘newness’ and naivety that can often come with being a start-up. The sooner you’re able to adopt a manner of legitimacy and authority, however, the better it will be for your business. Many customers prefer to trade with companies that are more established and experienced, and in this instance appearances can be everything. Thorough branding can invest your company with an air of authority that many start-ups lack, and something as subtle as the presence of branded stationery in your office environment can be enough to make all the difference. Pretty soon, you’ll find that clients and potential customers alike take you more seriously than they ever did before.



The trick to successful branding is consistency. Some of the world’s most popular brands, such as the tech giants Apple, have become so successful thanks in no small part to a consistent and attractive approach to branding that makes any of their products or print marketing activities instantly recognisable and identifiable. This kind of branding needs to occur from the ground up, and your business can achieve the same kind of thing with the help of branded stationery. When your notepaper and other office essentials match your POS materials and even your uniforms, you’ll find that your branding activities instantly become more successful as a result.
Branded stationery can help your business in more ways than you’ve probably considered before now, but you’ll need to ensure that your print project is handled effectively if it’s going to prove as successful as you’d like. Our clever approach to print management means that your branded stationery will always come out looking professional, at a cost-effective price. Why not contact us today and find out more?

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