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How necessary will print be in the future?

If you thought that print was all but dead, you thought wrong. Here are PMG, we are inundated with clients who are all eager to improve their businesses’ print processes, looking for help, advice and clever print management in order to enhance their print campaigns and the way they use print within their companies. We may well be living in a digital world, but print is also an indirect beneficiary of digital technology. Here’s why it will still be a necessity in the future.


Personal contact is appreciated

Audiences love it when you reach out to them on a personal level, and while the digital world is working to do that by creating automated emails and making use of interactive social media campaigns, nothing is more personal than direct mail. At PMG Print Management, we can help you create innovative, eye-catching and memorable direct mail campaigns that will never go ignored, and we’ll ensure your print products are personal to each of your customers.


People trust print

While we invariably Google questions and queries we want the answers to, the majority of us trust the answers we read in print more than those we read online. The printed word is far more believable and reliable than anything we read online, and if you want a marketing campaign to have real gravitas then you ought to consider print over digital.


Sensory appeal

While you can enjoy both sight and sound online, print provides a far more sensory experience, and with the technology available to us, we are able to incorporate exciting effects and techniques, as well as use different types of paper, materials and finishing techniques to create the desired effect for your audience. Think scented or textured paper, pop-ups and 3D…



We must rely on battery power, constant internet connection and a host of other variables if we want to read or view content on our computers or smartphones, but print is completely independent. You need only pick up a brochure from your coffee table or buy a newspaper from the local shop in the morning to get your print fix. You don’t need to worry about whether or not your email reached your target audience when you can send a letter directly to them instead.


Put yourself at the forefront

Online, you are competing with a large number of other websites and companies who are all trying to catch the attention of the same audience as your brand, so is it really worth it? By creating an exciting print campaign or sending mail directly, you can help yourself to stand out from the crowd or even to drive traffic to your online website. Yes, that’s right, print and digital can go hand-in-hand.


If you still have faith in the print world and would like the help of a team with some crafty print management skills, why not get in touch today? We can’t wait to start working on your print project.


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